31 Jul

There’s no way I can deny it–I have a huge sweet tooth.  I love eating chocolate candy, baked goods, ice cream and other goodies.  One of the most challenging things I have found in my search for natural food is to find natural chocolate.

I was really disappointed when I found out that anything made by Nestle or Hershey’s uses GMO sugar.

I am still looking for a replacement for my chocolate chip cookies–I am not longer going to use the Toll House chocolate chips (produced by Nestle) or Hershey’s chocolate chips. Also, I will no longer be buying bags of Hershey’s nuggets or Hershey’s kisses because of their GMO sugar use.


I will be avoiding anything made by Hershey’s or Nestle. This goes far beyond chocolate, especially since Nestle owns many brands such as Lean Cuisine, Coffee Mate, Haagen Dazs and more.  Check out my post about Nestle to find out more.


I must admit that I did find a great alternative to get my chocolate fix–Endangered Species Chocolate:

They are pretty pricey, but well worth knowing that I am not eating GMOs.  From a health perspective, I hope the high price will keep my chocolate intake down :).  The Endangered Species Chocolate has a few choices including dark chocolate, but I prefer the smooth milk chocolate.

I don’t mind paying more this chocolate because I know that Endangered Species Chocolate buys coco from small family owned farms and donates 10% of their net proceeds to “support species, habitat and humanity.”  The next best thing to this would be if I could write off my chocolate purchases on my tax return :).



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