De-Mystifying Food

16 Jul

Yesterday I told my husband that I finally understand why people appreciate “home-cooking.”  I never could understand why someone would want to eat at home instead of eating from a restaurant.   Nowadays, I like knowing what I’m eating, where it’s from and that is going to taste really great.

However, I still know many people who would prefer to go out–and say that food always tastes better in a restaurant.

I think we are at a unique point in our history as humans when it comes to our relationship with food.

Before beginning my quest to understand natural food, I just ate whatever tasted good.  I didn’t know where  it came from, what was it in. Then, I started getting these strange allergies and realized that it had to be some reaction to my food.  I slowly realized that there are certain foods that I cannot eat unless I want to feel my throat swell (when I was younger, it was an itchy throat–but I never knew that was something to be concerned about).  After that, I realized how certain food made me feel bad, even if my throat didn’t swell.

I see something really funny about the fact that I had no idea where many of the foods that I love eating came from, let alone how they were made.  Cheese? Refried beans? Chocolate? Bread? Most people would answer: from a can, a bag, a big company far, far away.

I now read all ingredients on all labels–for my own health and knowledge. I know where they come from and what they’re made with.

Doing more research, I am even more amazed at home easy it is to just make these foods, AND how much better it tastes.  So how did people go from making their foods with ingredients that they knew to buying cans and bags of processed foods?

Convenience and marketing, perhaps?

On the quest, I have achieved more than better health and more delicious food.  I now understand that I can pretty much make all of foods that I love by myself in my own kitchen.  I also have an appreciation for fresh and natural food.

I love bread, but I LOVE homemade bread.  Know what I mean?


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  1. Ariella July 26, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    Yes! that is all to true. our society is such a instant society. We want everything right now and dont want to put the work into it! Home cooking is much better and healthier for you! and choosing organic. My family also has issues with food sensitivities and allergies. It is important to listen to our bodies and avoid those things that make us sick.

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