Fleischmann’s Yeast

23 Jul

As I am now looking into doing my own bread baking, I felt the need to research yeast.  I have always used Fleischmann’s Yeast Rapid Rise to make awesome pizza dough.  I checked out their website and saw wonderful news–

Fleischmann’s Yeast is GMO free!

No wonder such as stand up company has been around for so many years! Sounds like I have some bread baking adventures in my future soon.

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  1. Tracy February 11, 2013 at 3:47 am #

    We have just started on the journey of purging our home of GMO’s due to our son’s sickness. I make all my own bread from my own wheat berries, but heard that yeast had GMO’s! I was so upset. I searched for the brand I always use, Fleischmann’s, and found your blog. SO HAPPY!! Thank you for the post.

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