Habits and Changing Your Diet–1 Step at a Time

1 Jul

As I start reflecting on our relationship with food over the past year, I feel like my family has allow ourselves to “cleanse” our bodies in a way.  We are still making our own (delicious) bread.  We don’t usually buy any of the GMO products that I’ve written about so far–well, except for last week.  I was going to the store and my husband wanted me to grab some fish Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  I have to admit that I did have some once I got home and didn’t notice too much.  However, the next day, my husband commented on how he really could “feel” the difference in his body the next day–he just didn’t feel as good.  Vague, but insightful.

This is the real deal, people! You do feel better! And you might not even know what that means since you have grown accustomed to how you feel now.

The one thing I can say is that we do feel better, eat better and live better.  It can be daunting at times since there is just so much rubbish to sort through to find healthy, natural food.  I am so glad that I has this blog as a reminded of all that I have learned and continue to learn.  I hope you can use my research as a resource guide like I do.

If you’re thinking about improving your health, but don’t know where to start, I want you to know that the hardest thing is getting started.  In upcoming posts, I’m going to give some easy steps and links to other blogs that map out simple ways to start eating and living a more healthy lifestyle.

By just doing one or two things and sticking with them, you will begin to see a change.   Blogger Healthful Mama wrote about how she eased into healthier eating, and how it is not wise to make drastic changes at once. You can read her story and suggestions as well.

Just started today by making one healthy change, I promise it’s worth it!

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