Hawaiian Hula Papaya Seed Dressing

7 Aug

When I moved to Hawaii, I was introduced to Hawaiian Hula Papaya Seed Dressing (part of the Kauai Kookie Kompany)and it immediately became my favorite salad dressing.  My husband even showed me the trick of using it on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise and it is delicious!  Even better, it was a local product!

Since I love this dressing so much, it really ruined my day when I heard back from Hawaiian Hula Dressings regarding my question about GMO papaya seeds:

“Dear Nicole:

Thank you very much for your e-mail.
I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We use a variety of papaya seeds in our dressings, including seeds that may
be GMO plant based.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Sincerely yours,
Ruth Hashisaka
Hawaiian Hula Dressings”

I can appreciate that Hawaiian Hula Dressings responded to my question so quickly, but I really wish they used non-GMO papaya seeds.  However, I revisited the label and noticed that canola oil was the main ingredient:

Canola oil is the number one ingredient (quick lesson–ingredients listed on foods labels go in order of most plentiful to least plentiful, meaning canola oil is the largest ingredient in this dressing).  From what I have learned about GMOs, canola oil is one of the top GMO foods in the world.  That means that even if Hawaiian Hula Dressings used non-GMO papaya seeds, they still would most likely be using GMO ingredients. 

Perhaps I will write them back and suggest that they consider creating an organic version.  Now, that would just make my day!

Until then, does anyone have a good papaya seed dressing recipe to share?  I’ve already got some organic canola oil to use.  I might just start experimenting once my Hawaiian Hula Dressing Papaya Seed bottle is gone–I’ll share that recipe once I perfect it.

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