Do you know what you are eating?

16 Jul

First things first–I am no food expert, no food chemist, no nuritionist, no dietician, no agriculture specialist.  I am a concerned citizen and parent who is committed to really understanding–what are we eating?

As a former health teacher, I have insight as to what our kids are being taught in public schools.  Guess what? There is nothing, or very little, in health books about where our food comes from.  While students have a small amount of time in the classroom dedicated to nutrition, the majority of that time tends to focus around what to eat, and does not go deeply into the connection between well-being and nutrition.  The food pyramid (which I find questionable and politically influenced-more later) is one major tool that is used.  Reading food labels is one of the lessons that I see as most valuable.  What are we eating, anyway?

While learning to read a food label is an important lesson to teach our kids, I wonder how many parents know how to read food labels.  It is just as important that parents know what they are feeding their kids as it is that the kids learn about what they are eating. But the hardest part is figuring out what is in our food–sometimes there are things that labels just don’t tell us!

I like to look at this blog as a tool to teach everyone- not just kids and parents-about natural, healthy foods and lifestyles.

I started by posting and informing my Facebook friends about my discoveries, but hey, why stop at that? This outrageous information about our food supply should be much more widespread than that! So read the links and share your thoughts, but most importantly, be aware of your families health!

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