Homemade Bread-Delish!

24 Jul

My first loaf of homemade bread just finished! I was lucky enough to borrow a Breadmanbread machine from my husband’s parents.

The bread machine came with a ton of recipes that I may try, but for now my goal was to make some great bread to replace the Orowheat bread (that contains GMOs) which used to be our go to bread for sandwiches and toast. The homemade bread took a few hours to cook but it was soo easy!

I made white bread because I only have white flour in my pantry, but I would only have to buy whole wheat flour to do wheat bread. Basically you just layer the ingredients in the machine-warm water, oil(I used olive oil), flour, salt and yeast. Push start and a few hours later-you have fresh homemade bread (that is GMO and preservative free!) I used my GMO free King Arthur’s flour¬†and Fleischmann’s Yeast.


An unexpected perk of making homemade bread-my house smells great!

We will be having sandwiches soon after we slice up that warm, fresh homemade bread.

Who knew that my quest to avoid GMOs and preservatives would allow me to discover how easy and delicious homemade bread can be? Also- it is much cheaper that buying store bought bread!



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