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9 Sep

So you have already read about how much we love Mexican food at my house.

Great news! I found yet another wonderful, delicious tortilla that is GMO free– Tortilla Land Flour Tortillas!

We purchased these in bulk from Costco–we have had them before and they are delicious.  These tortillas are uncooked and you just need to heat them up in a skillet on the stove.  The nice thing is that you can make them as soft or crispy as you want!

When we got home from Costco, I did some research and emailed the company.  About a week later, I received this response in my inquiry:

“Dear Nicole, thank you for taking the time to contact us. In response to inquiry below the tortillas not do not contain any known GMO ingredients however we do not purchase certified “GMO free” ingredients. All of our suppliers provide letters of guarantee stating that the ingredients are not from GMO crops.

Tiffany Moseley

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Circle Foods & La Terra Fina

Tel: 619-671-3963″


Just a note–they make a great point that there is no way to certify your foods as non-GMO–they should check out the non-GMO guide –they are a great resource!


I was so happy to hear this response that I wrote back to let them know that I appreciated hearing about their high standards.  I think they should advertise this great non-GMO news on their website!  

I can’t wait to eat more delicious burritos and quesadilla with the Tortilla Land tortillas in my refrigerator right now!



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