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16 Jul

Cali will be 3 months old next week.  Isn’t she just the cutest baby in the world? 

While many of the things I intend to share are a collection of research and knowledge gained from years prior, most of the ideas are ones that went dormant for a while.  That is, until Cali came along.

My focus on food was rekindled during my pregnancy when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  More recently, I began to think more about what I was eating, where it was coming from, and how it was affecting my baby through breastfeeding.  While nursing, I spend many hours researching about whats is in our food and how it is made. Now I have a chance to share.

Once Cali is old enough for solid foods, I plan to make my own baby food.

For my health, and for my family’s health, I like to be informed about what we are putting in our mouths.  How healthy do you think your family eats?  What factors do you consider when determining if a food is healthy?

We try to eat fresh natural foods–with no genetically modified components, organic, etc.  There are so many factors to consider that it become such a winding road to follow!  Herein lies a compilation (and reminder) of my discoveries on my quest to find natural and healthy foods–and my journey of trying to implement them.

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