Newman’s Own

2 Sep

My husband loves Ben and Jerry’s Mint Cookie ice cream.  Since being disappointed about Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and learning that they use GMO sugar, we are now making our own ice cream.  I purchased an ice cream machine for his birthday and we have made some amazing ice cream.

But where  can I find a  cookie to create a cookies n cream or mint cookie ice cream replacement?

Oreo’s are pretty tasty, but they use GMO soy–so they’re out.

I’ve been eating Newman O’sfor a while now, and I just looked to see if they are GMO-free today.


Great news–Newman O’sare the perfect replacement for Oreo’s.  And guess what else? They taste amazing! The cream in the center doesn’t coat your mouth like Oreo’s–the Newman O’s cream is sugary and melts in your mouth.

Okay, here’s  another something I learned today: Newman’s Own and Newman’s Own Organics are very different.  Only Newman’s Own Organic Brand is guaranteed to be GMO free, since, by law, they must be GMO free to be labeled organic.

Lucky for me, Newman O’sare made by Newman’s Own Organics.

To make some awesome ice cream:

Toss a few crunched up Newman O’s(about 8 cookies) in with the vanilla ice cream recipe and make some awesome organic cookies n cream ice cream.

If you can get some Newman O’s Mint Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies– those make an awesome mint cookie replacement. Check out the recipe here (please note that you need an ice cream maker to do this recipe!)

Throw away that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream that is made with GMO sugar and make your own! I promise it’s worth it!




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