One Small Step Toward Success–Sinaloa Tortillas

12 Aug

Oh, I can’t believe I waited so long to post about my conversation with Sinaloa Tortillas!!

If you remember, last year I wrote about how Sinaloa was a local company, but used BHT :(

In February, I received an email from the company (which was not a very nice email, but considering the fact that I did not recommend their product, I was not surprised) stating that my claims about GMOs in Sinaloa Tortillas were false.  They wrote about GMOs  that:

” I can show and post on my site the same certifications. Claiming how we also do not buy and do not buy GMO crops , yet nothing is guaranteed. If the crop I by from, is pollinated from another which isn’t, ?…

Thus, we are non GMO company, we have the same certifications these others guys claim, but I don’t post. Why?

Because nothing is guaranteed. And as such , these other companies shouldn’t be saying things that they cannot 100% back up. Whereas Sinaloa will never make such naive claims.”

I was impressed with their knowledge of cross pollination, and high standards.  I wrote back to let them know that my true concern was with the BHT, and received an email response as follows:

“In response to your concern about BHT , I am happy to say that chemical(s) is no longer found in our tortillas. It has not been there for sometime. We changed our shortening about 5 years ago. I did not realize that it was still listed on our ingredient bag. Unfortunately I have 6-12 months supply of bags I need to use . Of course when we re-order it will no longer be listed. Here is a quote from my chemist :
‘Looks like they took it out of the shortening.  That is where it was coming from.  I think it would be safe to remove from your label if this is the only shortening you are using.  I hope that is helpful.  Let me know if you need some more assistance.
Daniel J. Brooker, M.S.
Food Lab, Inc. | dba Brooker Laboratories
This gentleman is highly respected. 
I also wanted to point out , that our corn tortillas ( which is the equivalent ) of the LTF (La Tortilla Factory)  you blogged about are much healthier. They do not have ANY gluten unlike the LTF (La Tortilla Factory) counterpart. Nor the preservatives. They just are corn , water and lime.”

Wait, you changed the shortening and there are only corn, water and lime as ingredients? Maybe we need to talk about if we are talking corn or flour tortillas here…

While the corn still makes me uneasy (due to cross-pollination issues), that is something out of this company’s hands.  Although, I would THRILLED to see an organic line that I could brag about on my blog…

It is really great to see such a stand up company, especially one that is local!! I am was happy to hear from them and that they do NOT use GMO or BHT anymore.


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