Organic Papaya Seeds

21 Jul

Ever since my sad discovery of my favorite salad dressing containing GMO papaya, I have been desperately seeking a replacement.  While I have experimented with a few decent alternatives, I still miss my papaya seed dressing.  It has come to the point where I need to begin making my own.

I found some great papaya from our local health food store, and can use that for now.  The ingredients on my former favorite seem simple enough to replicate, so I will give it a few chances and post my perfected recipe up here.

I am happy to report that I have also found a source for organic papaya seeds– I was visiting Rare Seeds to find them, but they were always sold out when I checked! Feel free to stop over at my store–I shared the link there so you could purchase some as well.  I have to say I really didn’t expect them to carry it, but I am happy that they do! I did seek numerous avenues of locating a local source for the seeds but failed to make any connections (but if you have one, please hook me up!)

With all my papaya research, I found some other interesting facts that I have to share about the production of GMOs and the GMO papaya. My 15 month old daughter LOVES papaya so my need to find an organic source is heightened for her health.  However, Hawaii seems to be infested with GMO papaya.  I was quite disturbed to see that the creator of the GMO papaya seed is a Kamehemeha schools and UH Manoa graduate. He also now works as a director at the USDA.  There is a lot of political controversy with GMOs that I could go into, but that’s really not my point here on natural food mama.

I just want to eat healthy, but again, I feel like I am asking so much for such a simple thing!


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