Organic Potatoes

9 Aug

Last time I was at the supermarket, I decided to buy all organic produce.  While I planned to spend a bit more money (for the heath of it), I didn’t think my decision to buy organic would make much difference in taste.  Boy, was I wrong.  Tonight I had the best baked potato I have had in a very, very long time.

The flavor of the actual potato was AMAZING! No, really.  I haven’t been this excited about potatoes in a long time (or ever, maybe, since I don’t really remember ever getting excited over potatoes.) I had some organic butter, a little bit of sour cream, Tilamook cheddar cheese (more about Tilamook later since they are awesome!) and organic broccoli on top.

The organic potatoes that I bought looked similar to the regular potatoes, but I did notice that they looked a little more “normal” sized instead of gigantic (if you buy potatoes, I know you have seen those gigantic ones!) Another thing that I have noticed about organic produce is that it does go bad faster than the GMO produce. I guess that helps you make sure that you are eating super fresh produce, which makes it taste better anyway!

I HIGHLY recommend just buying organic potatoes next time, and I bet you’ll be hooked.  I know I am!


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