Orowheat Bread

23 Jul

Sad news friends! Just when you thought you were buying premium bread, Orowheat disappoints! I was sad to hear the Orowheat bread was not as high quality as I thought. Orowheat uses GMOs!

Orowheat Bread states on their website that their breads may contain GMOs.

With news like this I might need to buy a bread maker to avoid GMO ingredients in my bread. Sounds like a fun project, but a lot of work.

I do alot of shopping at Costco, but I won’t be purchasing this bread in pairs there anymore, despite the great price.

While I give Orowheat a little credit for actually including the information about the use of GMO on their website, I wish I would have read how they don’t use GMOs.

This is one brand I will now avoid in the future. Bummer!

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