Pirate’s Booty

15 Aug

Just when you thought you were safe in health food aisle again–there are no guarantees!

We just bought a large bag of Pirate’s Booty from Costco–my husband said it was organic–but it says no such thing! What is says on the bag is “all natural.” So what does “all natural” mean when you see it? Basically nothing. There are no standards from the USDA or an other government agency that decide what “all natural” means and it is not regulated at all.

Tricked again by the fake health food, I decided to investigate Pirate’s Booty a little more.  Pirate’s Booty is an appealing snack for families and tastes great.  But let’s get real–check out the ingredients of Pirate’s Booty:

The number one ingredient is derived from corn, one of the top GMO foods.  Pirate’s Booty basically says that they cannot ensure that the corn they use is non-GMO–and they blame cross-pollination.

I’m sure Pirate’s Booty could make a huge impact in the GMO industry considering how much corn they use per year if they switched to organic corn.  However, it is not organic–the bag says “all natural.”

So for now, until it’s organic, I’m finding a healthy substitute for my snacking needs.  Baby carrots, anyone?


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