Lead the Way California–YES on 37, No to GMO!!

12 Aug

I am  proud to say that I was born and raised in California when I see that the ballot this year will include Prop 37, an initiative that requires GMO food labeling.

Of course, large corporations–even those who produce organic food and market a healthy lifestyle–are pouring money into a large campaign so the bill doesn’t pass.  I wrote about those big businesses last month.

Many parent companies of popular organic brands are strongly opposed to GMO labeling and Prop 37. In fact, this article from the Organic Consumer’s Association is very telling.

In short, here are the big companies, the organic food they sell, and how much money they have spent trying to resist GMO labeling from Prop 37:


Pepsi-Co $90,220.06
  • Tostito’s Organic
  • Tropicana Organic
  • Naked Juice
Coca-Cola $61,208.60
  • Odwalla
  • Honest Tea
ConAgra $56,598.50
  • Orville Redenbacher’s Organic
  • Hunt’s Organic
  • Alexia Foods
  • Lightlife
Kellogg’s $33,248.40
  • Keebler Organic
  • Kellogg’s Organic
  • Bear Naked
  • Kashi
  • Morningstar Farms
  • Wholesome & Hearty
J.M Smucker $20, 395.80
  • Santa Cruz Organics
  • Smucker’s Organic Peanut Butter
  • R.W. Knudsen
  • Natural Brew
  • Tenderleaf Tea
Hormel Foods $19,657.70
  • Natural Choice
General Mills $19,400.28
  • Cascadian Farm
  • Muir Glen
  • Gold Medal Organic
Bimbo Bakeries* $17,783.30
  • Earth Grains
DelMonte $14,400.28
  • DelMonte brand organic pickles
  • DelMonte brand organic canned tomato products
  • Fruit Naturals
Hershey $8,440.28
  • Dagoba
Cargill $5424.94
  • White Wave/Silk
  • Horizon
  • Organic Cow of Vermont
Campbell Soup Co. $5,340.56
  • V8 Organic
  • Prego Organic
  • Swanson’s Organic
  • Pace Organic
  • Campbell’s Organic
  • Bolthouse Farms
McCormick $5,302.10
  • McCormick Organic Spices

To be honest, I was surprised by many of the brands parent companies.  I just bought an Honest Tea the other day, but now I don’t know how honest that brand is.  Call me naive, but I thought that those producing organic products would support Prop 37.  Big business has proven me wrong again.

Here’s my advice and plan, which many others are doing as well:

Don’t buy any of these brands.

4 Responses to “Lead the Way California–YES on 37, No to GMO!!”

  1. Ariella August 13, 2012 at 5:29 am #

    wow thankfully i do not buy many of those products. maybe one i think but will cut it off. that is sad. The big companies definitely want to protect their own interests that is for sure.

    Would you mind if i put a link to this blog in my blog for people to come and look at this list? I think this is important for people to know as well. The people i know that do read my blog also care about GMOs as well.

    Let me know if that might be ok. if not, it is ok too! Again i would just like to put the link directing them over to your blog.

    Thanks for the great information.

  2. Ariella August 13, 2012 at 5:31 am #

    i believe boulder, colorado is also trying to work on getting a ban on GMOs in their community. It would be nice if more communities would stand up to try to make this happen!

  3. Ann Marie @ Village Green Network October 10, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    Great post!

    We got your email and we will be in touch soon re: our network.

    By the way you should know that there are NO ON PROP 37 ads running on your site via Google Ads. I’m sure you’re not aware of it since they are probably only running in California. We are in LA which is why we can see them.

    You have to go in and delete anything from http://www.noprop37.com/ in the Google Ads settings.

    • Nicole October 28, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ve made sure those sneaky ads won’t appear anymore :)

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