Sinaloa Tortillas

24 Jul

UPDATE 8/9/12: Sinaloa Tortillas do not conatin BHT anymore, and are GMO free.

We love Mexican food and make some Mexican dish at least once a week at my house.  I thought I found some great, soft flour tortillas by Sinaloa.  They were even local–made in Honolulu and shipped to the Big Island.  I checked out the label recently and found some sad news.

I was really disappointed to see that Sinaloa Tortillas contain BHT, BHA AND TBHQ!

Adios, Sinaloa! I’ve found some wonderful tortillas, even though they aren’t local, that are a much better choice for my family.

If you love Sinaloa and think they should clean up their tortillas, you can visit their website and send them a message about it.  I have not contacted them to see if they contain GMO ingredients, because even if they didn’t, I wouldn’t eat these tortillas with all those nasty preservatives.  What’s the point in being local if you jam all that junk into your tortillas?

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